Red Baron Grills Noble Ribs and Steaks

Learning one’s way around the often intimidating concept of steaks is easier with a casual and friendly restaurant like Red Baron Ribs and Steaks, with branches in Bambang Manila and Banawe Quezon City. Believing that “Steak is Good for Life”, Red Baron aims to bring premium-quality steaks closer to people—something I believe they have achieved quite successfully.

Aside from its bright logo, Red Baron attracts attention with a diner atop a car wash (Manila), and one that is beside an automobile center (Quezon City). So keep an open mind because that’s how we discover awesome places, right? I personally find it oddly charming!

My first Red Baron lunch started with a huge plate of Nachorrific, a thinner and crispier mix of the classic Tex-Mex dish, with generous drizzle of cheese, hot sauce, and ground beef. It kept my tastebuds really busy while I was waiting for the entrees. My blogger friends liked it too!

Beverages served in Mason Jars have failed me many times, but Red Baron’s Good Sheperd Ube Shake is one of the few exceptions. I felt like sipping on creamy ube ice cream the whole time, and liked the chewy bits blended in. They may want to include the Good Sheperd Ube Shake as one of the “house specialties” because it’s just sooo good.

The first steak I sampled was Red Baron Rib Eye Steak, my favorite steak cut because of its outstanding marbling, which makes for a tender and more flavorful doneness. I could say all these for Red Baron’s version, something that I’ll order again when I visit the QC branch.

Lamb is not something I always fancy, but is always appreciated. Red Baron’s take on the Lamb Steak is overwhelming in the best way. It’s sooo tasty and savory, but the slightly grilled pineapple slices provided a fruity balance to its masala-spiced meat.

Red Baron is not afraid of wild recipes, especially with the El Diablo Crusty Steak, a huge carnivorous treat that impresses with outstanding juiciness! It’s a premium cut of Meltique Beef which features familiar Wagyu-like goodness, and made tastier with a dash of El Diablo Chili Sauce by Bon’s Kitchen.

The classic Baby Back Ribs need no reinvention, but Red Baron does it better than most with ribs sourced from either Germany or New Zealand–ensuring a consistently meaty, tender and tasssty experience. With just enough charring that doubles the saucy barbecue goodness!

[I was already spacey out of impending food coma at this point!]

For desserts, I had Red Baron Frozen Crunchy Mango Cake, which went sloppy because I was too busy chatting with other bloggers. But judging from the picture, I could tell that it is what its name says!

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks more than refueled me from my tedious commute from Pasig to Manila. I loved its casual dining experience that over-delivers when it comes to taste and food quantity. After all, we eat steaks to get full, hence I roll my eyes at restos that scrimp on meat at expensive price tags. I highly recommend Red Baron to people who love to get rewarded with a filling meal after a hard day’s work, and those who want to explore different types of fine steaks on a “casual” level.

P.S. Thanks Dekaphobe for introducing me to Red Baron, and to other bloggers who joined the steak fest: Coffeehan, TravelOsyo, Rianes Leisure Finds and Tsinoy Foodies.

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks
QC Address: 143 D. Tuazon Corner Calamba St. Quezon City
Hours: 11AM – 10PM
Telephone: +63 2 354 5970
View Location on Google Maps
Manila Address: 1357 Severino St. Corner Bambang Manila
Hours: 11AM – 11PM
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/RedBaronRibs
Instagram Page: @RedBaronRibs


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  1. Oh no you didn’t get to try the Ice Scramble shake! It’s crazy delicious! I even wanted to go back the same day because of it hahaha… In truth, I’m not big on steaks but Red Baron makes them so good I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back. El Diablo is my favorite.

  2. First it was nice meeting you. Second, I love this review, you do have a way with words. And I have to say that I was really impressed that you could eat that much food, as in grabe hahahaha…

    1. It was nice meeting you too, more so when I knew we have the same full-time job. Looking forward to more food blogs from you when you go “full-time” in blogging again! 🙂

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