Wishbone Wings Breaks the Boring Burger Streak

You may have your top wings destination by now, but Wishbone may just cause you to reconsider. As the newest wings and burger haven in Kapitolyo – Pasig, Wishbone dares to be different from the rest by offering unique twists on wings and burgers we’re already familiar with, plus a variety of crazy ones that make you think twice—before finally giving in!

At the helm of Wishbone are the same creative and entrepreneurial forces behind Pomodoro, a popular Italian resto in the same foodie spot. As self-proclaimed foodies, Rameses and Mandy couldn’t find wings restos with equally delicious wings and burgers, hence the concept of Wishbone that specializes in wings, burgers, and cubanos.

Wishbone greets with minimalist interiors made comfy with rustic, industrial details and fixtures. For a 30sqm restaurant, the space is decent enough for both individual and group diners. Even the menu has a stripped-down charm, straight off the Smith-Corona typewriter that adds to the restaurants character.

When in Wishbone, you don’t ask for appetizers; dive straight to the main event! Let’s start with Original Wings, which sent my taste buds on a sour-and-spicy roller coaster ride! The first bite was overwhelming because I haven’t eaten anything spicy for days, but the next ones were “chicken”!

The Thai Curry Wings that followed is just as flavorful, with balanced spiciness that doesn’t assault the tongue. I had to cleanse my palate with a swig of soda to appreciate its complex flavors—my kind of curry taste!

Unlike other wings that are tasty only on the surface, Wishbone’s are “brined” to be tasssty inside and out. My top pick among the three varieties I’ve tried was the Salted Egg Wings, which owes its winning Pinoy taste to the mashed salted egg that thickly covers each wing. I couldn’t help but ask for diced tomatoes (non-standard) which went well with Salted Egg Wings as I expected.

Pledged to satisfy beyond wings, Wishbone didn’t disappoint when the Chori Burger was served. It’s a delicious mess begging to be Instagrammed, filled with beef/chorizo patty, lettuce, tomato, poached egg (yes!). It has the faint smoky taste that I love, though the chorizo taste needs to be jacked up a little.

The Wishbone Sloppy Juan may not be much of a looker, but it’s the one that got me right from the first bite. Inspired by the classic Sloppy Joe, this meaty wonder requires to be eaten with all finesse set aside. I personally enjoyed the messy and delicious experience, picking up after morsels—so nothing goes to waste!

You can find Plain Rice on the Wishbone menu, but you gotta try Dirty Rice to complement whatever wings you’re having. True to the Louisiana (US) recipe, it features a “dirty” appearance because of the chicken liver, tomatoes, and herbs mashed in. I dare you to try it, and you’ll thank for me it! Wishbone is also perfect for those who love pairing wings and burgers with booze, as they serve local beers such as San Mig Light and Brew Kettle.

My friends know that I had been avoiding wings  after dining at an overpriced (and under-portioned) wings diner in Eastwood City. Wishbone restored that aspect of my appetite, though I had major #FOMO out of Wishbone Cubanos being sold out during my visit. They are as bestselling as the burgers and wings, that’s why, a sign of Wishbone’s success in making superstars out of its limited yet well-thought-out recipes.

Address: 56B East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
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Contact Number: 09166974992
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Facebook: fb.com/wishboneph
Instagram: wishbonewingsph

- I limited my usage of "buffalo wings" to the first item for the sake of technical accuracy. While Filipinos are used to different flavors of buffalo wings, it pays to know the history of the original recipe.
- This experience was invitational, but everything in this article is objective, hence a few recommendations for improvement where necessary.
- Thanks to Turista Trails for introducing me to this new resto and to the accommodating owners.

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