My Breakfast “Vacation” at K&L Café

Our Manila-based lives need a breather once in a while, though most of us don’t get it often. That’s exactly what K&L Café by Blushing Cupcakes brings: a mini-vacation through a relaxing, Baguio-themed dining experience.

I’ve been meaning to visit K&L Café since I first saw their yummy photos on my Instagram feed, and found the perfect opportunity to visit last Monday morning because I was sick, and didn’t have time to prepare breakfast. K&L Café was the first place that popped in my mind, so I immediately booked an Uber to White Plains.

K&L Café’s glass panel storefront is not clear enough to let you see through perfectly, though it adds to the joyous surprise when you open the door and step in.

The café features an edgy (literally) interior design, yet the ambiance is easy to the eyes because of how everything was put together, including the white and woody interiors, and the whimsical details thoughtfully placed around.

As K&L Café wants to bring in some Baguio-themed respite to its dining experience, it also sells authentic gourmet items from the Philippine’s Summer Capital. There are different types of wines, pastries, coffee beans, and frozen meats, among other items.

Prior to the meal, a paper place-mat was laid on the table, and provided vivid image of K&L Café’s concept. It also provided a picturesque

I’d love to try something from the A Taste of Baguio set, but chose Lola Nena’s Adobong Puti, simply because I love adobo. And through some kind of kitchen magic I won’t dare ask about, it indeed tastes like Adobo–only without the toyo (soy sauce) that usually gives the broth a salty kick and dark color.

K&L Café probably knows we’re kinda bored with Cordon Bleu already, hence the tweak that gave it a more appetizing  rustic appeal! The chicken meat is tender and light in taste, which complemented the tasty dip and bacon(!!!).

I expect much  only when ordering coffee from my go-to coffee shops, but K&L Café brightened up my day with its Black Coffee, brewed with a medium body and likable citrus hints from Sagada coffee beans!

K&L Café was such a comforting place that I didn’t feel like I was sick at all while taking pictures inside the resto, and having my breakfast. Too bad, I didn’t get to meet the Karen and Loren. But the place has so much to say on its own, which means that I’ll be revisiting K&L Café to make this preview a full-length review.

K&L Café by Blushing Cupcakes
Address: Katipunan Road, White Plains, Quezon City (across Pan De Amerikana, and near St. Ignatius Entrance)
Telephone: 234-5965 / 986-0704
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Instagram Page: @KandLCafe

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  1. I love the interior, I’ve always loved manly colors and minimalist approach when it comes to the design of any establishment. Even the food presentation is visually pleasing. I’m going there! I definitely will. I want to try Adobong Puti.

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