Curry Lovers Go Loco Over Coco Ichibanya

I was so thrilled when I got wind of Coco Ichibanya’s launch in Manila. First, new food spots always excite me; and second, I was looking forward to a restaurant that cooks curry dishes better than I do. My first visit coincided with MUNI Market at Capitol Commons. The Saturday noon heat was sweltering. A sweat-inducing plate of curry wasn’t the best option for relief. But it out turned great!

Coco Ichibanya originated from Japan (1117 stores!) and now has over than 1400 branches all over the world. Filipinos who want to break away from their staple Chicken Curry dish would be delighted to discover a lot of varieties in Coco Ichibanya.

If it’s your first time, it’s best to check out the “3D preview” at the storefront.

Don’t stare at the lifelike replicas for too long to avoid drooling. The real thing is always better!

The Cheese Hamburger Curry comes as a plate of rice, overflowing [almost] with rich curry sauce, and topped with beef + pork patty with mozzarella cheese center. Equally hideous [visually] and delicious, and deserves a part two!

Don’t forget to sprinkle some of these pickles in your curry. It’s not so yummy on its own, but it adds a lot of tasty and anti-umay goodness to your Coco Ichibanya dish!

The Sausage Curry looks kinda sad, but wait until their flavors come alive on your first mouthful. Anyone who likes pairing sweet and salty food [clue: champorado and tuyo] is gonna love this duo.

For just Php 80, you can add two (2) sides from these options: Daily Soup, Mini Salad, Dessert and Drink. Choose three (3) for Php 100 or get them all for Php 130. I was happy with the refreshing Apple Juice, but not so with the Bacon Soup, and the Mini Salad.


Based on the menu, each Coco Ichibanya set includes a 300-gram serving of rice, though you can have the rice at 200 grams (less Php 200) and at 600 grams (additional Php 120). If you’re the type that struggles to make your viand last versus a hefty serving of rice, stay with the standard serving. You can also have your curry dish spiced to your liking. From Mild to Crazy Hot, have it your way.

I can assure you that Coco Ichibanya is more than just the amount of hype going on around it. The idea is simple: a main dish with lots of curry sauce, and then some. The presentation is not so picture-perfect as well. But all these minor qualms don’t really matter because the taste screams PREMIUM, hence the price tag and a huge thumbs up of approval from a curry-lover like me. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Coco Ichibanya
Address: Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Meralco Ave. Cor. Shaw Blvd, Pasig City
View Location on Google Maps
Telephone: +632 696-1649
Instagram: @cocoichibanya

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