Review: Eat Your Way to Health with Fit Burger

Okay, so another burger company is trying to make “healthy burger” happen—Fit Burger Inc. They started grilling yesterday in Eastwood City, and I sampled some of their products to see if they actually fit the promising name. I expected something light or vegan, because that’s the kind of “fit burger” I had in mind, but I ended up recharged and with a full tummy. And that’s a good thing!

Both The Runner and The Fit Burger I tried looked a little light at first, because of the Pita Bread [high in fiber] that replaced the usual buns. But they’re not light at all, because the patties were made with real beef—with 90/10 lean meat and fat ratio. I can only imagine how much protein goes into each bite!

I could tell that each burger was prepared just for me, because the lettuce, onions and tomatoes were still fresh, unlike those of most quickly-served burgers with wilted veggies.

Fit Burger served my Brewed Coffee with “Panutsa”, a Filipino pastry substitute for sugar. No comment on the coffee, it’s a burger joint after all. But I appreciate the complimentary refill they gave me–completely unaware that I’m a food writer of course.

I wonder if the Fries, too, are “healthy”. They were served hot, although oilier than usual. I did not finish them fully, so that’s a cue.

I was among the few customers during the first hours, but the crowd began to pile by late afternoon.

Some even tried wall-climbing. Yes, Fit Burger has that in-store!

I really admire Fit Burger because I could see the realness behind the brand, in the products I’ve sampled and seen, and the way its proprietor talked about the concept. It’s not easy to curate a healthy menu, let alone formulate recipes that complement fitness enthusiasts’ heavy nutritional requirements, so that’s a huge win. Fit Burger can expect me anytime soon, since I’ll be needing quick post-workout meals once I get back to gym tomorrow. Yasss!

Fit Burger Inc.
Address: Ground Floor, Le Grand Tower Two, Economia Road, Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City
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Contact: 09178576226
Instagram: @fitburgerinc

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