Review: Filipino All-Day Breakfast by Sillon

Filipinos love to eat breakfast meals any time of the day, hence the explosion of all-day breakfast diners everywhere. Now, Filipino breakfast has just been elevated to a higher throne with Sillon All-Day Breakfast, a Fil-Hispanic themed restaurant in Metropoli Subdivision, Quezon City. Named after the Spanish term for “armchair”, Sillon offers an elegant and homey dining experience that everyone could come home to.

Sillon welcomes with a warm and woody themed interiors, featuring brick walls, wooden dining sets, and ornate glass arts. Good enough for a casual all-day breakfast, but it gets more charming when you go upstairs.

Everything here speaks opulence: from the chandeliers, to the intricate wall decorations, and the tasteful furniture pieces. The excitement doesn’t cease there, because the food satisfies just as much.

It’s not every day that I get to eat Bangus, because its bony (and delicious) meat just frustrates me. It goes without saying that Sillon’s Daing Na Bangus Belly is boneless, and it’s tasty too, while the twin (as requested) sunny side up, tomatoes and salted egg provide some variety.

My kind of breakfast is not complete without a cup of coffee, so I kinda hoped that my post-dinner caffeine fix would be good. And I wasn’t disappointed because the Latté to me was real coffee  and great-tasting. For me, a restaurant that serves great coffee deserves a kudos!

For my dessert, I chose something with ice cream on top to refresh myself. The Ube-Langka Turon was a real treat. Freshly deep-fried because of the crisp shell, with sweet (naturally ripened) banana, ube and langka. Served warm, but the ice cream provided that nice hot-n-cold feeling.

Sillon All-Day Breakfast is still an under-discovered restaurant as of writing, and I’d like everyone who reads this to pay it a visit. I personally loved my experience, as you can see in my honest Instagram post on the night of my accidental discovery.

Loving this Daing na Bangus Belly breakfast meal from Sillon. A dish almost impossible to get wrong but delivers well in portion, plating, and the hospitable warmth it was served with.

Sillon All-Day Breakfast
Address: Metropoli Residenza Subdivision, Quezon City
Landmarks: Near Eastwood, Acropolis and Starbucks Drive Thru
View Location on Google Maps
Parking: Available
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 6:30AM – 11:30PM
Instagram: #SillonAllDayBreakfast

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  1. I really love reading food blogs and I stumbled upon your instagram account. Beautiful food photography and I love your reviews. Maybe one day I can try out even one restaurant or cafe on your list. Good job! Keep on posting for you inspire people like me with your words and gorgeous photos! 😊

    1. Hi Rio. Thanks for dropping by my blog, and for the kind words. I’ll be featuring more restos and stuff to do. 😊 Your blog is nice too! Love the colors!

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