Review: The Caffeinated Literature of Tweedle Book Café

Basically a café with many books—that’s how Tweedle Book Café described itself. However, visiting the book+coffee lover heaven gave me more reason to come back. Located near the food hotspot of Tomas Morato, Tweedle Book Café offers a fine selection of tea, coffee, and chocolate beverages, best paired with their luscious desserts, and your favorite book.

The storefront of Tweedle Book Café is very unassuming, blending almost perfectly with the surrounding houses in Scout Gandia the residential area.

The al fresco dining and lounging area is very cozy, and made more interesting with an inspirational quote that runs across a white wall.

It only gets more interesting when you step inside, as you are greeted by the quirky and homey interiors.

There are clocks that tell what time it is in some fictional places we’ve come to love. My favorite Tweedle Book Café  feature is the wooden ceiling lined with familiar authors, like Rizal, Shakespeare, ang Hemingway–as seen in the featured image.

Tweedle Book Café is more than just the novelty and the hype that makes it popular. I could tell just by looking at their menu and dishes on display that something really good was on its way.

The Pure Ambrosia Tea and Earl Grey Chocolate Cake duo I had was good enough for a casual high tea, although not so memorable. The cake was moist and had the balance of  sweetness and bitterness that I prefer. It would have been perfect if the Earl Grey flavor were more prominent. Good thing I paired it with the Pure Ambrosia Tea, which complimented the cake’s mild flavor with its soothing aroma and minty, citrus notes.

For book overs like me, it is easy to like Tweedle Book Café because of its element of literature. In fact, anyone who has ever read Alice in Wonderland would know whom it derived its name from. The well-curated menu, on the other hand, offers varying flavors to anyone who likes to pair their café time with good food and desserts.

Tweedle Book Café
Address: 106 B Scout Gandia, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact: 09228051688
Hours: 10:00AM – 12:00AM
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