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Liberty Goes Beyond Brews & Booze

We at #GourManila have been rooting for Liberty Kitchen + Brew since it opened almost a year ago. It may be located at CityWalk or the drinking spot of Eastwood City, but it managed to impress our palate without the cliché offerings of its neighboring pubs. It was not surprising at all, given that Liberty was […]


Review: SBK Barbecue is Seoul Legit

When you underestimate an unassuming restaurant and fail, everybody wins. That’s the case with SBK Seoul Barbecue , a humble Korean restaurant along E. Rodriguez Ave, Libis, Quezon City that serves authentic Korean dishes—so legit I’m thankful I gave in to a friend who had been bugging me [for months] to visit this Asian diner. Unlike most restaurants […]


Provenciano Reintroduces Familiar Filipino and Spanish Flavors

Most Filipino diners these days tend to veer away from the things they’re already familiar with. But that kind of “familiarity” is where Provenciano Restaurant aims to thrive in, as it brings to the table traditional Filipino food, taken from different provincial, ethnic, and colonial cuisines. Provenciano greets with an opulent Filipiniana façade, which vividly portrays […]